STANDARD SOLUTIONS MAINTENANCE GROUP is doing everything we can to support our customers, community, employees, friends and families. Working to be proactive by updating the way we deliver our services for our customers, providing the most effective disinfectant solutions, new training and protocols to ensure mitigated risk with the spread of  COVID-19. 

During this Global Health Outbreak Crisis,  things have become chaotic, we all must stay calm and do our part to help each other.  It is not business as usual and we see this from the hard hitting reactions that are caused from COVID-19.  We must all rise to the challenge in this time and do our parts including things such as staying home if we are able to, making sure we practicing the proper hygiene and hand washing recommendations and following the social distancing guidelines. 

For more information or you feel unwell the links below are from the CDC guidelines, the follow resources are extremely insightful and valuable. We all must do what is necessary during this time although it may be hard, we must have the common good in mind when making decisions about leaving the house, meeting people, using the proper procedures and protocols to ensure that we are doing our parts to save lives and prevent COVID-19.

"Setting The Standard"